For 10 years, Samuel and Juliette have shared the same desire to create vibrant, sensitive, and elegant places, blending entrepreneurial activity with team spirit. Their shared vision is of a restaurant focused on people, built on encounters, projects, and emotions.
Samuel Victori
Chef of the Les Agitateurs group
Enchanted by the landscape and light of the Riviera, he poetically combines flavors and memories, creating a free and vibrant cuisine.
A graduate of the Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon, he has worked at La Vague d’Or***, made a detour to Roanne at Maison Troisgros***, enjoyed a Parisian escape at Le Bristol***, before hiding away in the alleys of Passage 53**
Juliette Busetto
Director of the Les Agitateurs group
With a keen and sparkling eye, attentive to beauty and quality, she elegantly distills the spirit of gentle and caring hospitality.

After three years of studying architecture, she ultimately chose to create elaborate desserts. A graduate of the Paul Bocuse Institute, she honed her skills at La Réserve de Beaulieu*, with Michel Troisgros***, and alongside Eric Fréchon at Le Bristol***